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08 September

Rock “The Rack” RED

To Donate, click here Cash Donations will be used to purchase Tanager attire. “The Rack” offers clean, gently used clothing to Vermillion School District families in need. On Fridays, students and faculty wear Tanager or USD gear to show support …

23 February

Scholarships Available for Graduating Seniors

Find all nine of the Scholarship opportunities for Vermillion’s Public Schools Graduating Seniors on the Forms page Extended deadline until April 15th for the NEW Doug Mart Technical Education Scholarship All other Scholarships are closed.   

25 July

Help Vermillion Public Schools get Back to School Safely!

Our goal is to raise over $10,000 to buy safety equipment for all children, teachers, and staff in the Vermillion Public School District. This includes masks, individual hand sanitizer, and any other safety precautions that the district may deem necessary to help …

24 April

Breakfast with Dr. Seuss

Austin Elementary first-graders, teachers, parents and volunteers celebrated Dr. Seuss’ 113th birthday Thursday, March 2, 2017. The students enjoyed, for the most part, their green eggs and ham while wearing hats fashioned after The Cat in the Hat. The celebration, …

24 April

VARC to Participate at US Open and VEX Worlds Championship

VERMILLION AREA ROBOTICS TEAMS TO PARTICIPATE AT THE US OPEN AND THE VEX WORLDS CHAMPIONSHIP Twenty-three elementary and middle school students in the Vermillion Area Robotics Club (VARC) formed 8 teams in June, 2016.  The team members have invested hundreds …

24 April

Author Visits Jolley School

Children’s author Nancy Jo Shaw reads her book, “Casey’s Great Escape,” to a group of Jolley Elementary School students in the school’s library on October 21, 2016. After a long career as an educator, Shaw is fulfilling a life-long dream …