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Find answers to some of our commonly asked questions

A Public Schools Foundation is an organization composed of concerned citizens who recognize that as education has become more complex, there is a need to develop a means to raise funds to support innovative and effective programs that improve student achievement and foster lifelong learning. Please call and let us know your area of interest. Call 605-677-7000.
The Vermillion School District schools are excellent. However, there is always a need to expand educational opportunities and meet the needs of our children beyond the core programs that the public schools provide. Unfortunately, school districts alone cannot fund the additional financial support that our schools and students require. The Vermillion Public Schools Foundation provides a means for our community to become involved in public education and to make a difference in our schools and the lives of our students. Funds raised in our communities will go to support innovative programs and provide and enrich educational opportunities. Your contribution will ensure the success of our children today and in the future.
No. Because we will not replace those programs that are the responsibility of the Board of Education and the town, your taxes will not be affected. All funds raised and spent by the Vermillion Public Schools Foundation will be donations from the public at large.
The Vermillion Public Schools Foundation is an independent organization from both the Vermillion School District and the School Board. The Vermillion Public Schools Foundation is a separate 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization governed by its own Board of Directors. It supports programs that enhance the opportunities for our children, but will not fund any program that is a part of the expected services and programs provided by the District and/or the Board.
We all have a stake in ensuring the best education for our children. The quality of a school system is an important part of any community’s success. The school system affects property values, the appeal of the town for new business and industry and the general quality of life. Education of our children is a lasting gift.
We invite you to join in our efforts. The need for volunteer support is growing. Please call us at 605-677-7000 or use our Contact Us page and let us know your area of interest.
The Vermillion Public Schools Foundation has a “Teacher Mini-Grant” program. The Foundation is working in collaboration with the Vermillion PTO to administer this program. Interested teachers may submit their proposals directly to the Vermillion PTO through its grant application process. The PTO grant application may be found online at Vermillion PTO - Teacher Grants Alternatively, a paper grant application can be found in the PTO school mailboxes. Once the proposal is reviewed and approved, the Vermillion PTO will notify the teacher.
Yes, school districts throughout the country have established foundations to support excellence in education. There are several in South Dakota.
Yes. Because the Vermillion Public Schools Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization, your donation is tax-deductible.
Funds are raised from generous individuals, business sponsors, and from community members by direct appeals and through community-wide educational and social events. This is done using a variety of mechanisms, including:
  • General donations – cash or pledged donations
  • Planned giving – wills, trusts, estate plans
  • Gifts of stock
  • Matched giving – donations matched by employers
  • Fund-raisers
Yes. In addition to donating to our five funds—Excellence Fund, Libraries Fund, Music Fund, Arts Education Fund, or Athletics Fund, you can choose to donate to a particular campaign, to the school of your choice, or to a specific event or program organized by the Foundation.
Please use our Contact Us page at any time to contact the Vermillion Public Schools Foundation staff. Our Board of Directors is also available for your questions. We always like to hear from our community.