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Scholarships & Endowments

  • The Walter & Margaret Kaeberle Scholarship
  • The Dennis Helseth Class of 1966 Scholarship
  • Ribs, Rods & Rock ‘n Roll Scholarship
  • Edith B. Siegrist High School Scholarships
  • Edith B. Siegrist Middle School Scholarships
  • The Building Trades Scholarship Endowment
  • The Class of 1989 Scholarship
  • The Robert & Elizabeth Wood Music Scholarship
  • The RASDak Scholarship
  • The VHS Art Club Scholarship

Edith B. Siegrist Charitable Trust Grants

  • Library Grants
  • Music Grants

Vermillion Public School Foundation Funds

  • Angel Fund - used to provide students basic necessities such as meals, winter clothes, hygiene articles etc., so that they can better focus on succeeding in their academics
  • Professional Development Fund - grants provide funding opportunities for educators to create innovative and exciting educational programs or projects for their students
  • Student Experiential Learning Fund - provides students opportunities to learn outside the classroom
  • Technology Fund - used to provide technology resources (software, hardware, such as tech mods or training) for students in all grades
  • Unrestricted Fund - used for the operations of the Vermillion Public Schools Foundation as well as to provide limited grants approved by the Board

Partnership with School Programs & Groups

Donations can be made by check payable to the Vermillion Public Schools Foundation or through the Foundation's website donate button. Please remember to add notes directing your gift to a particular scholarship or endowment. Our address is listed above. Thank you for supporting our youth.