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The Foundation works closely with the Vermillion Music Boosters to support music activities in our schools. The Vermillion Music Boosters organization fosters and encourages a high standard of musical excellence in the music program in the Vermillion public schools. We strive to facilitate good communications among parents, students and others interested in school music activities and offer support to music groups and programs from kindergarten through high school.

While the Vermillion Music Boosters accepts donations to support our activities, monetary contributions are only one way to be a music booster. A music booster is a parent who patiently listens to a student practicing her musical instrument, a grandparent who faithfully attends every concert, or a community member who claps when the Pride of Vermillion marching band passes by at a parade.

Our fundraising efforts also support music programs with financial assistance. For example, the Music Boosters organization purchases recorders for elementary students, pays for instrument repairs for the middle and high school bands, and helps students to attend music festivals such as All-State Choir and Honor Band. Through the Vermillion Public Schools Foundation, the organization has also received grant funding to purchase a new band trailer and choir risers. With the support of parents and the community, the Vermillion Music Boosters supports and celebrates the musical achievements of all students in the Vermillion School District.