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Music Program Funding

Thanks to the Foundation’s 2012 fund allocation, the Vermillion Music Program was able to purchase a large array of world drumming equipment to  be used throughout the district. World drumming, or drum circle, is a learning  activity which fosters a climate of respect, inclusiveness, and creativity as  students improvise together and explore the rhythms of their own and other cultures.

A “gathering drum” large enough for several students to sit around is now housed at Austin School. A package of 21 drums (6 different models) and 20 accessory instruments, along with associated educational materials for both students and teachers, resides primarily at Jolley School, where it is used extensively in fourth grade music but is available for all grades. Some of those instruments were also used for a Drum Circle Club at the Middle School last spring and to accompany an African piece sung by the High School choir at this fall’s Apple Polishing Concert.